About Me

I am a husband, a dad, an outdoorsman, an artist, and an ardent follower of Jesus Christ. I love the Georgia Bulldogs and follow the English Premier League (Liverpool is my team). When in college I earned a bachelors degree in Journalism specializing in advertising. Much later in life, after I repeatedly swore I would never go to seminary, I earned a masters degree and a doctorate from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. I served 28 years in ministry with Cru and now serve as an executive coach, a staff with a nonprofit called Cru, a pastor, and a counselor. I love what I do and am very blessed to be able to say that. I am a man with a growing love for God, his people and his word. I’ve learned that the more enamored I become with this great God the less I find myself distracted by things that look shiny but fail to live up to their promises. Jesus is the living water and he really satisfies.

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